Treatment For Sulfur Burping

3 Aug 2017 by Macco, Comments Off on Treatment For Sulfur Burping

Burping is the loud, gaseous evacuation from the mouth and it is a common thing in a lot of people’s lives. As more and more people are living a sedentary lifestyle devoid of any tough, regular physical exercise, burping is one of the most common occurrences which happen as a consequence of it. You might know that there is no definite “cure” for sulfur burping; that is to say that bringing up the occasional burp is natural and there is no way to cure burping. It is bound to happen to every one several times in their lives. But treatment of excessive sulfur burping is definitely possible, and this article will suggest you several ways to counter the mild menace known as excessive burping.

Treatment of excessive sulfur belching- Tips to beat that burp!

Many times people complain of relentless burping, which doesn’t seem to stop and as a result leads to severe discomfort and even social stigma in some cases(For example, burping openly is considered to be improper and rude in certain countries, such as Japan and USA). SO it becomes almost imperative to answer the question- How to treat excessive belching, and how to treat constant burping? Here are a few pointers for the same.

1. Stop smoking- One of the reasons of that cause sulfur burping is your smoking habit. If you have a smoking habit, try to curb it completely, or atleast cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke. Try it once, for you’ll get the double benefits of less  burping, as well as leading a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle.

2. Eat slow- Control your gluttony while eating. Another one of the belching treatments is to slow down your pace when ingesting food. As you slow down your eating pace, you eventually swallow lesser air and as a result prevent burping.

3. Have less aerated drinks/sodas- You must have asked yourself when you experienced bouts of belching- why do I constantly burp? One reason for this might be due to the fact that you have a lot of sodas, beers or other bubbly beverages. The more often you consume aerated drinks, the more gas/air you ingest, which builds up in your stomach and has to eventually escape through your mouth, as a burp. So it is advisable(also in the case of how to  treat gas buildup in stomach) to moderate the amount of bubbly drinks you have.

4. Monitor what you eat- If you eat certain foods which require you to open your mouth more often, such as chewing bubble gum, you are bound to be more vulnerable to burping as you ingest more volume off air in doing so. So our advice to curb belching is to have small morsels of food, and more importantly, add more foods in your diet which do not lead to belching after eating.

5. Exercise regularly- This is actually a no-brainer. Regular and religious exercise is advisable in any condition, and in case of burping, it is all the more important. Physical exercise helps in reducing gaseous build up in the body and it will definitely help in reducing burps and belches.

6. Wear loosely fitted clothes- Although this doesn’t seem a logical remedy for burping, it is possible that wearing tight clothes leads to stomach discomfort and eventually lead to development of burps in your tummy. So it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes which do not hinder your movement and you will be less likely to develop belches.

7. Avoid using a straw- Some people like to slurp their favorite drinks through a straw, and in the process end up sucking in a lot of air along with their drink,remaining  blissfully unaware until they get affected by a bout of burping. Therefore, the next time avoid using a straw, and drink directly from the bottle or from a glass, which should save you the embarrassment of burping in public.

8. Be stress free- Hectic lifestyles and work related pressures take a toll, both on the mind and on the body. Tension leads to secretion of certain chemicals in your stomach which in turn may lead to gas formation and burping. Therefore you should relax in such situations. Take deep breaths, listen to soothing music or read a good book. Better than a nasty burping marathon any day.

9. Take some mild medicine- Some times, the natural remedies might not turn out to be that effective. In such a case, you can take some antacid medicine, or milk of magnesia to tone down the cause of burping in your body.

10. Consult a physician in severe cases- If nothing seems to stop those frustrating burps, contact your doctor to get to the bottom of what actually is causing your belching and try to get some medical attention. All in all, a lifestyle change might be advised by your physician to keep the burping at bay.

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