Strep Throat Contagious is that true?

29 Dec 2016 by Macco, Comments Off on Strep Throat Contagious is that true?

If you wonder whether strep throat are a contagious disease the answer is definitely yes. Except that it is contagious and is transmitted very easily and almost no symptoms during the first days of incubation period. At the same time you may not think you are a carrier of bacteria and to continue to infect others with it.

How do we know whether we are infected and to prevent others to not be infected too?

Although in its initial stages it is almost impossible to establish that you are a carrier of the bacterium exist some simple methods that you can understand that something is wrong with your body.

In the early days of infection is almost impossible without a blood test to determine the condition of the infected person and therefore streptococci is so dangerous and unpleasant disease. You can view the pictures of strep throat symptoms to find out which are the first signs of disease.

How to prevent others are not infected from us?

This question is most difficult to answer because in the beginning and you may not know that you are a carrier. But if you are already aware of their condition will have to follow some basic safety requirements to help you and others to protect themselves from infection.

1. Do not use the same utensils and in no case allow the use of common cups. Bacteria can persist for several hours outside the body and thus fall within one of your loved ones who also get sick from the disease.

2. Avoid close contact especially when coughing. Cover your hands with your mouth when coughing and always refer to another party. When talking to someone observe the distance. In a simple conversation from close range with someone could inadvertently drop of saliva to fall on the man and he also threatens to become a messenger.

3. When you eat do not use common flatware. Pour individual rather than general buy food that feeds the whole family.

4. Avoid close contact with flattery and loved ones. So you can easily infect with streptococcus bacteria.

Follow these rules before and after the disease until complete recovery. This is very important because it is not known whether the immune system of your family is weaker than you and with them the disease can occur much more painful and prolonged. Try to avoid close contact with people and if you do not go out unless necessary. When you come around people use the mask to prevent accidental drop of saliva, which fall on someone else. Although not necessarily have infected others in this way. Risk is really big and you should not underestimate. Some doctors have similarly been infected three out of five.

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