High Neutrophil Count

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The Neutrophil granulocytes which are the most copious of the white blood cells prevalent in man is usually colloquially called the Neutrophils. It is a fundamental structure of the immune system and forms the polymorphonuclear (PMN’s) cell unit along with eosinophils and basophils. Usually found in the blood stream they usually migrate towards infections and inflammations (particularly bacterial) initially through the blood vessels and then through the various interstitial tissues. They usually pursue chemical signals in a process called Chemotaxis. They can be easily seen in the pus which is formed on a major part by these cells and can be easily identified by its whitish and creamish appearance.

Reasons and Causes of High Neutrophil Counts
A neutrophil count in excess 8000 is usually considered neutrophils high and can be caused due to a variety of factors which could be either external or internal. Some of the frequent causes that include neutrophil counts are: A high level of anxiety or stress could lead to high counts of neutrophil.Exercise, could also lead to high counts of neutrophil. Bacterial infections or any injury to tissues like sprains and twists of joints. These injuries cause inflammation of the tissues causing the neutrophil to migrate to these areas increasing the count many fold.Any involuntary muscular spasms like heart attacks and fits also increase neutrophil counts.Lacerations and burns similarly increase neutrophil countsAny activity that over excites the nerve cells in the brain could lead to higher counts of neutrophilFailure of kidney functions could increase neutrophil countsCertain medication like corticosteroids could also increase neutrophil counts.
Apart from these common factors there are also rare conditions, the basis of which are usually stem from the above factors in one form or another, and could increase the neutrophil count.

Ketoacidosis a condition where the body produces ketones which are basically poisonous and chemically toxic substances usually caused by a failure to be able to break down fats thus increasing neutrophil counts.

Many women who are afflicted with Eclampsia a very rare but grave complication during pregnancy where the pregnant women face severe bouts of convulsions which are involuntary muscle movements which are usually unrelated to the brain signals.

Preeclampsia is another pregnancy complication that occurs during the latter stages of the pregnancy, where the blood pressures rises. Also huge doses of proteins are discharged by the body through the urine. This condition usually increases netrophil counts in afflicted women.

Cancerous cells spreading in the body could also lead to neutrophil counts as cancer generally stems from uncharacteristic and excessive growth of cells in one or more body organs or tissues.

Hemolytic anemia a condition where the red blood cells keep getting destroyed before they mature could cause higher counts of neutrophil.
Polycythemia vera a condition where there is a unwarranted propagation of red blood cells in the long run and could cause high neutrophil counts.

Mtyeloid metapalsia, a rare condition where the bone marrow starts developing in abnormal places in the body, causing higher counts of neutrophil.

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