GG249 Pill and Unborn Babies

18 Mar 2017 by Macco, Comments Off on GG249 Pill and Unborn Babies

GG249 pill is the medication of Xanax 2 mg. The studies that have been conducted on the effects of Xanax during pregnancy have shown that this medication may increase the risks of birth defects although in some cases Xanax may still be prescribed for pregnant women depending on the severity of their mental condition.

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In some cases it is considered more detrimental to a woman as well as her unborn child to stop taking the medication than it would be to accept the risk of possible birth defects.

This is often referred to as weighing the risk. When the benefits that are experienced from the use of Xanax outweigh the risks that birth defects may occur it may sometimes be considered best for the pregnant mother therefore each case is evaluated on an individual basis specific to the circumstances of that particular person.

The food and drug administration classifies medications into different categories based on how likely that medication is to increase the risk of birth defects and other problems in women when used during pregnancy. Although Xanax is rated highly in this system it may still be used by pregnant women in cases where it is believed that taking Xanax would be more beneficial to both mother and child than not taking it however the mother is always advised of these possible risks and is therefore educated on the risk so that she may make an informed decision and ultimately has the final choice in the matter.

Not only can Xanax increase the risk of certain birth defects in can also cause infants to be born with withdrawal symptoms when used in later pregnancy. For this reason and because Xanax is rarely considered to an absolutely needed medication it is most often recommended that most women not use Xanax during pregnancy.

If you are taking Xanax and get pregnant or even think about getting pregnant it is essential that you inform your health care provider known so that your circumstances can be evaluated and recommendations made on your individual situation.

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