Forum Marketing – Avoiding Mistakes and Building A Stronger Brand

14 Dec 2017 by Macco, Comments Off on Forum Marketing – Avoiding Mistakes and Building A Stronger Brand

There is something just intuitive about forum marketing–if you think about it for a minute. This is a subject on which not a whole lot of eBooks or courses have been marketed or even created. So that should tell you there could be some truth to the opening comment. It can make a lot of sense as well because all you’ve got to do is jump in and start reading and commenting on threads and posts. On the other hand, the people who have spent lots of time in the forums understand some things that others really do not. You can probably guess that there is a lot more to forum marketing than you will see at first glance. This is just one reason that you need to learn about the nuances there and about the experiences that other people have had.

Keep in mind that any suggestions need to be used in a way that is beneficial to you. Marketing your business is why you use forums, so people must see that you are legitimate. When the forum has a large number of members, you need to show yourself as someone who deserves their attention. So to further that along, avoid being a follower and be yourself; allow your own personality to emerge. While it’s good to be yourself, don’t do it to the point of being unreasonable to other members.

One of the biggest advantages of forum marketing is that it gives you a chance to brand yourself as an expert. You don’t, however, want to come across as someone who thinks he knows everything. People will not appreciate that kind of attitude, and it won’t make you popular. Don’t try to steal all the glory; let others shine as well. Yet you certainly don’t want to hide your own knowledge, so broadcast it whenever possible. Never tell people you are an expert, let your knowledge do the talking for you.

When interacting on forums, do everything you can to be upbeat and supportive. Be willing to offer support and words of encouragement if you can and it makes sense. If you feel you can make a real contribution, step in; otherwise you’re best off sitting out the discussion. One other important note on a more informal discussion here is to avoid posting just to increase your post count. That practice is frowned upon in just about any forum you will join. Make every one of your posts count, and never just post for the sake of it. If you are already going to be spending time promoting your business, you might as well make it enjoyable by working in forums. You will get to meet some great people while still working, which is a great benefit. Years of work in forums could allow you the potential to meet numerous people and maybe even form some friendships. There are many intangible benefits when you seriously devote yourself to marketing and doing business on forums. Your audience will always be changing, which means you won’t know everyone. So you will need to keep the above points firmly in mind.

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