Bone Health Research Analyst – Helpful Guide To Bone Fracture Repair

4 Aug 2017 by Macco, Comments Off on Bone Health Research Analyst – Helpful Guide To Bone Fracture Repair

In her book, Speed Up Fracture Healing – The Bone Healing Miracle, Margaret Davison offers a most comprehensive guide to many aspects of the healing and treatment of fractures. She covers such a wide variety of topics that are not always directly to do with fractures. Her additional 5 FREE Books offer extremely helpful advice on the healing of other parts of our bodies as well, such as the nerves and different types of wounds!

I have personally had a huge challenge with that horrendously insidious “thing” called Fibromyalgia where you just plain hurt from head to toe and the exhaustion is so debilitating! I’m going to go back through her books with a notebook beside me and jot down everything I can find that could help me have a better quality of life.

As with anything, just reading this book The Bone Healing Miracle won’t heal you, but carefully following the guidelines as to what would be right and helpful to you would certainly speed up your healing. As I have already mentioned, having a notebook beside you as you read can help you to start forming your own course of action.

This book is not going to make medical treatment for fractures obsolete, and it would certainly be a mistake to imagine that we can, from one reading of the book, decide that our days of trips to the surgery are over. The treatment suggestions offered in this book will certainly help our bodies to get better, and they may even see a recovery from the fracture well ahead of the time that the doctors initially determined.

What sets this book apart from most of the others is the fact that it concentrates on “knowing your body”. The better you know your own body, the more quickly you can react to any possible emergencies, and the better the treatment you can apply without the need to visit your doctor.

I found that Margaret, who describes herself as a Bone Health Research Analyst, is very balanced in her approach between medical help and helping yourself. Personally, I would say that this book would be a really helpful guide to have on hand.

She takes care to explain the different types of fractures such as a closed/open fracture, compression/impacted fracture, comminuted fracture, multiple fracture, simple fracture, stress fracture, and other different types of fractures.

She also covers Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

She answers questions such as:

“How long does it take for a bone to heal?”
“What happens when you break a bone?”
“What can harm bone recovery?”

Included in the book are healthy menu suggestions such as a high Calcium menu and other suggestions on which foods are best for your healing – even “some” chocolate and red wine can be helpful – but don’t overdo it!

Various types of pain relief are also covered.

There’s a very interesting chapter on “What else can harm bone recovery?”

At the end of the day, this book is HEAPED FULL of ideas and suggestions – then it’s over to the reader to apply what they feel is best for them.

Margaret says: “You can put as much or as little of it into practice as you choose, but the more you do the quicker it will be.”

About the only negative comment (and I say that with ‘tongue in cheek’) is that there is SO MUCH information that it was hard to take in just in one reading! I would suggest that if you were interested in purchasing this book, take the time to print it out so you could then highlight the parts of particular interest to you.

I also received a tremendous Early Bird Bonus with her package of an extra …


1 – “Your Guide to Healing Ligaments Naturally”
2 – “Natural Solutions for Scars”
3 – “How to Heal Nerve Damage Naturally”
4 – “How To Heal Wounds Naturally”
5 – “Natural Cures and Remedies your Doctor Never Told You About”

I don’t know how long she will continue to offer these, but there is a wealth of helpful information in them.

My opinion is that this package is definitely worth a closer look. I’m glad I purchased it!

If you do choose to get it for yourself, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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